A Long Time Ago…

…on a blogging platform far, far away, I began blogging. Eventually, I grew weary of blogging and turned my attention to other writing projects. My blog languished and slowly decomposed without regular updates and posts.

I thought about revitalizing, reinvigorating the blog but I was tired of the particular blogging platform and the accretions of years of blogging there.

“Why not start fresh?” I thought. Yeah, that’s the ticket: think of a new blog name, refocus my attention, get back to observing and commenting on the U.S. political scene. After all, it’s an election year and the Republicans and their fellow travelers are acting really… strange. Bizarre, even.

Thus I created “Afflict the Pale”. (You can glance at my About page to find out hints on the meaning of this odd title.)

I’m still unclear about my focus here. I expect to mostly post my analyses of politics and culture. Some book and film reviews, that sort of thing. I’m a little rusty on blog posting so it might take me a little while to find my flow. Some posts may be a tad unformed or incomplete at first but it should even out fairly quickly.

Thanks for reading.

Haywood Debbs

PS: I’m still in the process of setting everything in order here on the technical side so expect things to appear and disappear from the sidebar as I furnish the blog with widgets and the like. Comments are always welcome. I welcome differing views from my own as long as they are expressed in a civil manner. I value intelligent discussion; empty name-calling, less so. Trolling behaviour will be shown the figurative door. And I am not naive about internet trolls.


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