The minor issue of a blogroll

I should be writing about broader issues but I find myself puttering around with my blogroll.

I seem to recall that several years ago there was a debate among left-ish blogs about the use of blogrolls. A number of prominent blogs and sites dropped their blogrolls entirely. I didn’t really follow the debate but I note that quite a few blogs do not have a blogroll. I think this is a shame.

While blogrolls can be notoriously time-consuming and difficult to maintain, I think they provide a window into interconnections between people and groups. I don’t expect a blogroll to provide some ideological purity or perfect alignment with a blog/site. I like to know what the blogger/site owner/editor finds worth reading, what opinions and viewpoints might influence them. Or, views that are unique, voices which embody thoughtful consideration of unconventional positions.

My first additions to my blogroll are pretty well-known and popular but I’ll be expanding it as I go along.


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